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When I was asking for recommendations on Birmingham OB/GYNs and Birmingham maternity hospitals, the following practices and hospitals were most recommended. It’s important to think about the physician as well as their associated hospital facility when you are making your decision on your birthing provider. We are lucky to have many great options when it comes to women’s health in the Birmingham area.  

List of Birmingham Maternity Hospitals

Grandview Medical Center

Learn more about the Birthing Center at Grandview Medical Center. Grandview has 18 private L&D rooms, 32 recovery rooms, 3 C-section rooms, 8 emergency beds dedicated to OB, 22 NICU beds for their Level III NICU, 2 breastfeeding support rooms, a designated waiting room for families, options of the newborn staying in the room or in the overnight nursery, and placenta donation

There are a few different OBGYN practices associated with Grandview Medical Center. Learn more about the physicians and practices here.

Women’s Health Specialists of Birmingham is an OB/GYN affiliate of Grandview Health and is the practice that was recommended most to me. There are six different physicians at this practice, and I have heard great things about all of them. Their main office is on 280 in the Grandview physician’s suite. Dr. Bennett is my doctor, and I love her. 

UAB Women and Infants Center

UAB OB/GYN has some impressive rankings including being named as no. 5 in the nation. Their Neonatal ICU is the largest in the country, and they have a Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinic for high risk pregnancies. The UAB Women and Infants Center has 59 high-risk obstetrics and postpartum rooms, 13 evaluation rooms for maternity patients, 17 L&D and recovery rooms, 4 C-section rooms, 5 post-anesthesia recovery rooms, 56 NICU rooms with private, single-family rooms for their Level IV NICU, 52-baby special care nursery, lead-lined rooms, specialized rooms equipped with ventilation needs, wireless patient monitoring and caregiver comms systems, high-speed tube for fast pharmaceuticals and supplies, and an advanced infant security system. They have amnesties like curbside valet, laundry services, flat-screens TVS, a lactation facility, and room-service meals.

UAB OB/GYN is a UAB Division of Women’s Reproductive Healthcare. Learn more about their facilities, staff, and resources through this video and search for a physician here.

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Women’s Medical Center at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center

Learn more about the Birthing Center at Grandview Medical Center by touring the center in this video. Their birthing center has the following features according to their website: private suites, water-labor suite dedicated to facilitate natural-labor plans, specialized Maternal-Fetal Medicine care for high-risk patients in the perinatal unit, Level III NICU with 24/7 visitation and cameras to view the baby remotely, options for the newborn staying in the room overnight or going to the well-baby nursery, lounge for NICU families, cord bloog donations, free wi-fi, NICU families lounge, meals for mom as well as partner, mid-day smoothies, bidets in every suite, lactation center, and newborn photography.

View the physicians here.

Birth Suites at Ascension St. Vincent’s Birmingham

Learn more about the Birth Suites at Ascension St. Vincent’s Birmingham. Their birthing suites have the following features according to their website: L&D and postpartum care, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Care, Neonatal speciality care, Level III NICU, classes on childbirth and breastfeeding support, and 24/7 OB emergency care.

Find physicians who provide services at the Ascension Birthing Suites here and also check out this guide on all things Ascension St. Vincent’s by the Birmingham Mom Collective.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Birmingham maternity hospitals. This is a great resource to pass along to friends, especially those new to the area. Let me know your personal experience with any of these maternity hospitals as well as any other Birmingham maternity hospitals that were not included on the list.

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