Kate took my family newborn pictures when my youngest was born. I also had a 2-year-old at the time, which you can imagine made it much more complicated. Kate never got frustrated with the chaos and never made me feel rushed when the photoshoot took longer than expected due to nursing breaks, diaper changes, and the nature of a "terrible twos" toddler. The pictures that Kate took were incredible. She captured all of our personalities perfectly and I will treasure these pictures forever. In addition to the amazing photos, Kate is an absolute JOY to be around, and you will feel so loved the entire time.

tuscaloosa, Alabama

"Kate is an absolute JOY to be around"

We’ve had multiple photography sessions with Kate and they’ve all been fabulous! Each time we have so much fun with her and each other getting the photos taken and then receiving the final photos is even more fun!! She has a sweet soul and a deeply caring heart that she clearly pours into all her of work. Her editing style is also very beautiful. I can’t wait to hire her again!

Birmingham, ALabama

"I can’t wait to hire her again!

Kate was amazing! She was laid back and patient taking pictures of our family (newborn and toddler). The shots were exactly what I wanted and I could not believe how she got so many pictures that looked perfect when there was a toddler tantrum happening. She perfectly captured what season our family is in right now.

Birmingham, ALabama

"She perfectly captured what season our family is in right now"

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