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Baby at one year milestone picture wearing Rylee and Cru like baby stores in Birmingham Al.

One of my favorite of baby stores in Birmingham Al is Turquoise. It is located in a sweet little shopping center in my quaint neighborhood, Bluff Park. I often work from the coffee shop located in the same shopping center, Wild Roast Coffee, and occasionally stop in at Turquoise to check out their latest arrivals. The ladies there are so sweet and accommodating, and helped me pick out a stuffed animal for my sweet Ellie. Turquoise carries brands like Rylee + Cru, Quincy Mae, Noralee, Jammie Kay, Finn & Vince, and more. The textures, quality, and colors set these brands apart and are best appreciated in person. They have an online shop you can easily access, but I recommend visiting them in person so you can truly see what sets their brands apart. Make sure you check out their latest hours on their Facebook or Instagram pages, or simply message them to find their hours for the week before making the trip to their shop. I always point my customers to this sweet baby store in Birmingham, Alabama. If you are looking for clothing that goes beyond your typical baby outfits, this boutique is for you.

I don’t like the typical baby blue, baby pink, white bubbles, or smocked dresses. (I know, I know. I question my southern roots since I don’t like smocked outfits) It’s just not my style or particular preference when it comes to children’s clothing, and I know many moms feel the same. If you share the same feelings on baby clothing, you will love this baby store in Birmingham. Even if you prefer traditional baby clothing, you will find something you love at Turquoise.

Beautiful one year old girl wearing Rylee + Cru for baby stores Birmingham Al.
Rylee + Cru for One Year Milestone

I love quality, muted clothing for babies and I love finding that at Turquoise. I actually offer a client closet for all of my photography clients that consists of Rylee + Cru and Quincy Mae items for babies (newborn to 18 months). These brands provide amazing basic staples that can be used for almost any type of session. In fact, my simple, quality cream onesie is most often chosen by my clients for newborn sessions. Many newborn babies are small, and this onesie fits even the smallest of babies. It’s important to try on the clothing you will be using for your newborn shoot. The last thing you want is your baby wearing clothing that is too big for them. A cream onesie also goes with any color combination so it’s easy to match with the entire family. It can be dressed up with a bow, if needed, for baby girls. 

Turquoise is one of my favorite boutiques, so don’t miss it when checking out baby stores in Birmingham, Al before your session. And let them know I sent you.

If you’re welcoming a baby soon, make sure you check out my blog on when to take newborn photos, my blog on maternity hospitals in Birmingham. Keep reading to learn more about choosing clothing for your session.

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Baby girl in Rylee + Cru, a brand found at Turquiose and other baby stores Birmingham Al.
Rylee + Cru for One Year Milestone

Tips for Choosing Clothing for Your Session

Decide the mood of your session.

Would you like this session to be more casual or formal? Or somewhere in between? This is up to you, but also keep in mind your surroundings so the level of formality of your outfits makes sense with your location.

Choose a color scheme for your family and add in various tones, textures, and a few patterns.

Neutrals typically work best for photography sessions – not neutrals in the sense of only white, tan, beige, etc, but neutrals in the sense of muted tones rather than bright primary colors. We are wanting to focus on the sweet connection between your family without any distractions from bold color choices. This also allows for your photographs to easily be displayed anywhere in your home to match your decor.

Make sure your clothing fits before the session.

This is a biggie. Look, I know that dress is the cutest thing you have ever seen, but if it is too big, it will not translate well in photographs and these photographs will be hanging on your walls for years to come. Try on all of your clothing beforehand (this includes you and your entire family) to make sure it fits properly. This allows you to arrange for alterations for your clothing, if needed. This also allows you to think through accessories and even the proper undergarments, if needed, before the day of your photoshoot.

Newborns can be hard to dress, because you don’t know what will fit them until they arrive. Even then, they can change a lot before their newborn session. This is why I have a client closet for newborns that includes basic, quality onesies. Don’t worry, I got you 🙂 

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